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Renting an apartment has many advantages.

The flexibility to experience living in different locations, no property taxes, and maybe best of all - weekends free from time-consuming and costly home repairs.   

But, one tenant’s unattended candle can spell disaster for everyone in an apartment building.

Renters insurance replaces your personal property, including clothing, furniture, and electronics, with brand-new items of similar kind and quality. 

A renters insurance policy is an affordable, efficient way to protect yourself financially. Whether due to the fire or the resulting smoke and water damage, you’ll spend thousands of dollars on replacing your personal belongings: clothing, furniture, flat screen TV, laptop, and more. And that’s not even factoring in the new security deposit you’ll need to move somewhere else.  

The cost of replacing your possessions can add up quickly.  


For as little as $200 a year, a renter’s insurance policy can protect you from devastating mishaps – someone else’s or even your own.

And a Renter’s policy protects more than just your stuff: it provides you with liability coverage. It pays for accidental damages or injuries caused by you or other household members, including your college student living away from home.  So, if a “harmless Internet prank” took a wrong turn, your Renter’s policy would cover the hundreds of thousands of dollars in injuries and damages to someone else’s physical body, property, or reputation. 

Without that coverage, that financial responsibility, including attorney fees, would be passed on to you.  

And did you know? Renters insurance coverage provides liability protection for you and your family members anywhere in the world (including cyberspace!)

Best of all, bundling your renters and auto coverage saves you more than just premium dollars.

A single claim might cost you twice the deductible when you write your renters and auto coverage with separate carriers. 

For example, if your car window is smashed and your laptop is stolen, two separate claims would need to be filed for the damage - one for the auto policy to repair the window and one for the Renter’s policy to replace your stolen laptop. However, if you bundle your coverage with the same carrier, many companies allow you to file a single claim and pay only one deductible. In addition to saving you hundreds of dollars at claim time, bundling also keeps you on future renewals by consolidating the claim surcharge to just one policy.

Our professional insurance advisors can find the right coverage to fit your unique needs and goals. 

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