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Identity Theft Insurance: A Guide

Identity Theft is one of the biggest risks of our time. Find out how ID Theft Insurance can help you stay in the clear.
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Can Home Security Systems Affect Your Insurance?

In an effort to reduce the chance of considerable damage from robbery or theft, you may have recently implemented (or may still be considering) a home security system. Here’s how adding a home security system to your property may affect your insurance.
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How to protect your pets from holiday risks.

How to protect your pets from holiday risks.

Thanksgiving is a special holiday that brings people together, but also can bring some hazards for pets.

Poison risks presented by Thanksgiving foods and décor, extra stress from visitors in your home, and travel concerns and boarding.

Thankfully, The American Veterinary Association has put together some helpful tips on how to keep our pets healthy and safe:

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Stay safe online while holiday shopping.

Stay safe online while holiday shopping.

The 2022 Holiday shopping season is in full swing!

So, here are a few online shopping tips to remember while grabbing all of those great deals:

  • Keep an eye on your bank statements.
  • Know how much items should cost.
  • Don't shop on public wi-fi. 
  • Protect your accounts with unique passwords and use two-step authentication when possible. 
  • Be sure your device's security software is up to date. 

You can learn more details and tips by visiting the National Cybersecurity Alliance website: 

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