Frequently Asked Questions

  • We’ve been in business for over 90 years, forging long-term relationships with our community and clients.

    Our focus has always been to listen and understand your situation and unique insurance needs, identify the best coverage options, and then educate you on the benefits of each option. While cost is always a factor, we are far more concerned that our clients are protected with the exact right coverage. We take a big picture approach to managing risk, eliminating insurance gaps by making certain policies work together to protect your whole life.

  • As an independent agency, we are not restricted to only offering products from one single insurance provider. We work with dozens of top national carriers in order to get you the best combination of coverage, service, and value.

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  • Yes, we do! Bundles are not just for companies with clever marketing ads! Bundling your insurance is the best way to save you money and prevent gaps in your coverage. Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of bundling your insurance. 

  • Insurance is about protecting what is important to you in the event something unexpected happens - both Personal and Business .

    Anytime you have significant changes in your life, we recommend you review and update your existing coverage.

    A few examples are:


    • A change in marital status.
    • A new baby.
    • New drivers in your household.
    • A new job or starting a home business.
    • Purchasing a home.
    • Home improvements.
    • Retirement
    • Purchasing valuable items such as jewelry, antiques, or computer equipment.
    • To talk to and advisor about reviewing your personal insurance coverage, click here


    • Starting a new business
    • Increase your workforce
    • Seasonal increases in inventory
    • Expansion plans - equipment, vehicles or physical plant

    To talk to and advisor about reviewing your business insurance coverage, click here.

  • We work as your advocate and partner, advising you on the best coverage to meet your financial and business goals. We will look closely at how your business approaches and manages risk, and then develop a risk management plan to ensure you and your assets are protected.

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  • Risk management is the process of evaluating the chance of loss or harm and then taking steps to combat the potential risk. Identifying the factors that are a financial or property risk to you, and then minimizing those risks.

  • Some of the main factors in pricing auto insurance are: driving record, credit history, coverage selections, deductible amount, car insurance history, car make and model, your age and driving experience, and your zip code. But not all insurance providers weigh these factors the same.

    To find the right auto insurance for you, click here to get a free quote from one of our professional insurance advisors.

  • Almost everyone can benefit from life insurance. There are different types of life insurance policies, but essentially, they all pay cash to your loved ones when you die. Money from life insurance can be used to cover daily living expenses, a mortgage or rent payments, outstanding loans, college tuition and other essential expenses. Life insurance is the best way to ensure that your loved ones would be in a good financial place if you and your income were no longer in the picture.

    Life insurance covers immediate expenses like: Funeral and burial costs, uncovered medical expenses, mortgage or rent, car loans, credit card debt, taxes, estate settlement costs

    Ongoing Expenses like: Food, housing, utilities, transportation, health care and insurance, to continue a family business

    And Future Expenses like: College costs and retirement

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  • As your life changes, your insurance needs do, too. That’s why we recommend you review your life insurance at least every 5 years, but always when a major life event occurs such as marriage, divorce, new child, home purchase, new job, retirement, or starting a business.

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  • We’ll guide you through every step! To begin, please contact the insurance carrier directly. This puts them on notice of the claim. JMWSONS will then be notified of your claim by the insurance carrier. If you would like our assistance, we will be happy to speak with you. In most cases, you will need to speak directly with the Insurance Carrier to report the details but we will help facilitate your claim to make sure that it is processed correctly. Simply contact your individual Wiedemann advisor for assistance. You may also file a claim through our website.

    There are situations where it makes sense to not file a claim, however, when a claim becomes necessary, we want the experience to be as a smooth as possible so we offer multiple ways to file. You can call your Wiedemann insurance advisor, who will walk you through the process, you can use the online claims portal on our website. You will find the File a Claim tab under the Client Resources tab on our website navigation bar.

    After your claim is processed, we will follow-up with you to ask about your experience and make sure you were treated well.

  • Yes, you can! Just go to the Pay Now button under the Client Resources Tab on our website.