Group Benefits

According to a 2022 MetLife study, 73% of employees say that a wider benefit offering would keep them at their present employer for longer.

A great group benefits program helps attract and retain the best talent, maintains a healthier, happier workforce, and creates a more productive team.

But different employees want different things. Figuring out what types of benefits your team values most will help determine how your benefits package should look. Our experienced benefits advisors take the time to understand all aspects of your business before designing a plan that meets your evolving needs and those of your employees.

However, simply offering benefits isn’t enough.

Employee knowledge saves time and money, so at Joseph M. Wiedemann & Sons, we focus on education: clarifying, streamlining, and maximizing your benefit offerings by teaching employees how to be good consumers.

A well-crafted benefit offering gives your employees a worry-free, positive mental headspace to stay productive, motivated, and loyal.

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