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About Joseph M. Wiedemann & Sons, Inc.

Joseph M. Wiedemann & Sons is a leading full service insurance agency that has been serving clients in the Midwest since 1930.  Our mission is to provide “peace of mind” to our clients.  We provide unbiased advice to our clients, and work only with the leading insurance carriers in the industry.  By coupling these carriers with our product knowledge and detailed communication, our prospects and customers get perfectly tailored products with unrivaled service.

We provide and sell all types of insurance.  Business related insurance- no problem.  Home, auto insurance- no problem.  Life insurance- no problem.  Group benefits- no problem.  No matter what type of business you operate, the type of house you have or where you live, you can be confident that our professionals will develop a deep understanding of your needs and will provide a product to protect what is important to you.

When it comes to your business, your home & auto, health, life, or disability insurance, Joseph M. Wiedemann is the ideal choice.  You can expect:

  • Highly trained professionals that are dedicated to finding the perfect solution to meet your needs.
  • Quick turnaround time, in most cases less than one day with an accurate quote.
  • Access to over 50 leading insurance companies.
  • Dedicated, and reliable agents in each of our three departments (business, personal and group benefits).
  • Expert claims handling, in order to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.
  • A passionate,caring, staff ready to serve you.

Joseph M. Wiedemann “Guarantee”

Our insurance evaluation is 100% free.  There is no risk or obligation.  We have experienced, professional agents that are pleased to review your current coverage and offer you guidance on your insurance policies, while also advising you on how to minimize your risk.

If your business has been with the same agent for a long period of time and you are no longer sure if you are getting the level of service and pricing you desire, our free evaluation may show you coverage gaps that your current agent is missing.

Joseph M. Wiedemann strives to treat all of its customers with the greatest care.  An insurance expert who understands the type of insurance you need will be assigned to you.  We have a mobile app and desktop site that gives you access to your information 24/7.  We also have a live receptionist that will answer the phone when you call in.  No voicemail system to work your way through!  Technology, combined with outstanding staff with a desire to serve, truly make us stand out.  Call us at 847-228-8400 and let us show you the difference.

Joseph M. Wiedemann & Sons, Inc.


Peace of Mind since 1930.

When my basement flooded in 2019, Wiedemann & Sons handled all of the paperwork with West Bend insurance and the entire amount of over $4,000 was covered with my insurance no hassle and I received my insurance check on a timely basis. I would definitely recommend Wiedemann & Sons for insurance needs.

Jeanne C.

Once again you've gotten us the best coverage for the best price, and your suggestion to increase our Liability, made sense for us. We look forward to a continued satisfied working relationship with you and Wiedemann.

Tom & Linda

I have been happy to use J.M. Wiedemann & Sons as my insurance agency for over four years now. They have always been available to quickly answer any questions I can think of as well as offering me the best options for insurance coverage I can find. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Jonathan D.

We would like to give our kudos to Mary Carlisle, our detail oriented insurance agent! Mary is an excellent insurance agent by giving continuous in-depth information when we have questions with patience & kindness. We were guided to consider under the Wiedemann’s array of insurance possibilities the best policy suited for our needs. Plus, Mary offered comparisons between insurance policies to be certain we were covered appropriately & fully. Mary answered numerous questions with outstanding patience & expertise to our many answered phone calls that we had together. Mary is a gem of an Insurance Agent! Wiedemann is very fortunate to have Mary on board!

Christine & Adrian C.
St. Charles

We are very pleased with Mary and the Wiedemann agency for looking after our insurance needs. 5 stars is really not enough but we understand that that's the maximum we can select. Just want to add that our insurance coverage that Mary Carlisle found is better than we had in the past with our previous insurer and comes at a lower cost. Thank you again and we look forward to the future with Mary’s support/that of your insurance firm.

Steven & Deborah S.
Park Ridge family has been with Wiedemann since the days of Ray Horn. My father started with him and when it was time for me to get my own insurance, I never even considered any other company but Wiedemann. You guys are fantastic. Mary Carlisle always seem to have the answer to anything I've ever called about. Several of my brothers have remained with Wiedemann as well. We're all very happy with the service we've received over the years.

Pat H.
Rolling Meadows

I would never choose another insurance company besides Wiedemann. They hold both our health insurance and other policies. They go above and beyond to answer every questions, whether big or small and their customer service is the best I have seen. I am so lucky to work with this company! Other companies just take your money, these guys support and guide you through the process to make sure you are taken care of and getting the best insurance for your business.

Sarah Q.
CLM Systems
Crystal Lake

Mary does a phenomenal job managing our insurance needs and issues. She is very responsive and thorough.

Joe F.

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