Pollution Liability Insurance

Environmental laws are constantly changing. As a business owner, it is vital your investments are protected with a comprehensive pollution liability policy.

Pollution liability coverage is available to any contractor, from general contractors to specialty trades. If your business produces hazardous waste emissions during manufacturing including oil, agribusiness, construction, excavation, waste depositories, and asbestos abatement contractors, benefit from pollution liability coverage.

Pollution liability insurance is needed because it’s excluded from standard commercial general liability policies. 

Policies cover bodily injury claims and property damage, along with clean-up costs caused by contamination from toxic waste materials. This insurance covers you while you are completing a job, and also if there is a problem with hazardous waste materials after you have finished the job.

Investigations, lawsuits, medical expenses, area cleanup, and reputational damage can devastate your business, but a well-written pollution liability policy can protect your investment.

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