Electrical Contractors Insurance

As an electrical contractor, each job you win is something to celebrate, but also brings opportunities for risk.

A single accident has the potential to overwhelm your business with financial liabilities. For any person or business working in construction trades, it’s essential to have a rock-solid insurance policy that keeps working to protect you even long after you’ve moved on to the next job.

What does Contractors insurance typically cover?

  • Property in transit covering equipment, and losses to goods stored (on or off your premises), or being transported to or from your premises.
  • Workers Compensation can replace lost wages, pay medical treatment, as well as protecting your business assets should an employee suffer injury.
  • Trucks and other commercial vehicles to pay for any claims resulting from an employee’s accident while driving a company vehicle, or their own vehicle while on company time.
  • Errors and omissions covering any claims for negligence or other mistakes resulting in a loss to the customer during business activities.

Your insurance keeps working, even after the job is done. Even after the job is finished, your risk remains. You may have connected the final fixtures, flipped the switch, and handed over the keys, but the potential liability from your work goes on. Contractors insurance protects you from any accidents or faults that may allegedly result from work you’ve overseen or performed.

Protection for every budget and every job.

Because every business is different, commercial insurance solutions for Illinois contractors can range from a basic policy to a comprehensive mix of coverages that vary from job to job. Additional factors such as the type of contracting business you own, the size of your business, the number of employees, and the type of work all have an impact on the kind of protection you may require.

If your Contractors insurance doesn't measure up, your livelihood could be in peril. Our advisors are experts at managing risk. By getting to know the details of your business, they write coverage to protect every aspect of your operation.

Insurance is not one-size-fits-all. Contact us today to learn more.

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