Cyber Liability Insurance

If your business stores confidential or sensitive customer information, you’re at risk of a data breach.

Data drives organizations in today’s world. Businesses of all sizes are susceptible to cyberattacks and data breaches. The main goal for cybercriminals is to acquire information - names, passwords and financial records. One stolen laptop, one careless employee, a virus or even paper records that fall into the wrong hands, can create a financial and reputational consequence affecting your business for years to come.

As cyberattacks incidents escalate and become more sophisticated, it’s essential you meet the threat with a well-written cyber liability Insurance policy (or data breach insurance, as its sometimes called).

Cyber liability coverage is available for Illinois businesses of any size, nonprofit organizations, and retailers.

Cyber Liability Insurance can help your business respond to a breach and pay for your costs to:

  • Notify impacted customers.
  • Offer credit monitoring services.
  • Pay legal fees or fines. 

Cyber Liability insurance can help your business if:

  • Your customers’ confidential data gets viewed or stolen by an unauthorized individual.
  • Your business’ intellectual property or trade secrets get stolen.
  • Your secure network gets damaged and your business loses sensitive information.
    The sooner the public views your business as reliable and trustworthy, the better.

With cost saving opportunities like bundling coverage, our professional advisors are here to help.

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