Classic Car Insurance

Classic and collectible car insurance is different than ordinary auto insurance because - it covers the full collectible value of your car.

We understand how much time, love, and money you have invested in your classic car – which is why we offer specialized insurance for antique and classic cars, modified collector cars, reproductions, replicas, restorations and modern classic cars.

Since classic and collectible cars often register as older vehicles, they aren’t evaluated at their true market value according to standard insurance practices. As a result, if you have an accident, you could end up paying the difference out of pocket on any repairs or replacements you’re not fully insured for.

In the same way you’d customize your ride, you need a customized classic car policy that considers the car’s collectible value, the miles you drive each year, and many other personalized adjustments.

How to Qualify:

When we submit your application for insurance, your insurance carrier may require us to provide some or all of the information below. Should you ever be in the unfortunate position of filing a claim, everything will be in order:

  • Usage: We tailor your policy to reflect your driving habits.
  • Storage: Your collectible car should be stored inside in a secure locked garage or structure. The following storage facilities normally qualify: residential garage, barn, secure rental storage unit, and others.
  • Regular-Use Vehicles: Since you don’t need to drive your classic “baby” every day, carriers require that you maintain “regular use” insurance in your name on a daily driver vehicle.
  • Driver Eligibility: As with other forms of auto insurance, your driving history will be considered. Serious infractions within the last 5 years such as OUI, DUI, excessive speeding, driving recklessly or an alcohol citation can affect eligibility. Minor traffic violations or accidents per household are generally acceptable.

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