Bar Insurance

When the unexpected happens, it’s not only stressful, but can have a devastating impact your business.

It’s Friday night - you’ve booked a live band, you’re fully staffed, and customers are streaming in the door.

But then your power goes out.  

The good news: you can insure against this type of loss - bar insurance that includes a zero-hour deductible pays out from the moment you start losing money.  

Our advisors are bar insurance experts with a reputation for delivering outstanding coverage and service to Chicagoland.

We manage your risk by customizing coverage to your exact needs with insurance options for most types of liquor-licensed businesses including sports bars, brew pubs, traditional taverns and ale houses, and martini bars and wine bars. And if you serve food, we can cover you for that, too.

Typical options may include:

  • Full property insurance to protect your bar against risks like fire and vandalism.
  • Full liquor liability coverage to protect you against damage or injury caused by drunk customers.
  • Assault and battery insurance covering brawls and fights.
  • Liability insurance to protect against lawsuits and compensation claims, including food liability.
  • Business disruptions and continuity insurance tailored to meet your needs and priorities.
  • Equipment failure.
  • Employee insurance including workers compensation, disability and medical.
  • Insurance against inventory loss - damage or food spoilage.
  • Additional coverage for services like valet parking.

As your partner and advocate, our professional advisors learn every aspect of your operation in order to protect your business.

Insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all. Contact us today to learn more.



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