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You have spent years planning for your special day.  From the flavor of the cake to the color of the bridesmaid dresses, you have personally invested your time into building that perfect day.  So why not insure it?  From wardrobe defects to natural disasters, there are a number of things that can go wrong at the last minute, and potentially ruin all your hard work.

At Wiedemann, however, we have a variety of wedding insurance options available to ensure your special day is perfect.  By providing coverage on a number of non-refundable assets of your wedding, you can ensure you are prepared for any possibility.  From lost or damaged wedding ring replacement to sudden venue cancellation reimbursements, our experienced insurance professionals have a solution for nearly any wedding related emergency.

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The Joseph M. Wiedemann & Sons Difference

Joseph M. Wiedemann and Sons have been serving businesses in the Greater Chicago area for more than 80 years. Over that time, we’ve built an unbeatable reputation for experience, expertise and customer service.

We’re independent, which means we’re not tied to one particular insurer, like some agencies are. In fact, we have established relationships with many companies that specialize in providing good, solid wedding insurance. Choice is important.  That means, we know where to secure the wedding insurance that’s precisely right for you.

But that’s just the start. Our wedding insurance experts can provide advice on how to manage and reduce the risks at your event and they’ll help and advise you if you ever need to make a claim.  Furthermore, we stay in touch with all of our clients, monitoring their event needs and adjusting their wedding insurance coverage to keep pace with the changing scope of their activities.

In other words, we worry and care about your insurance so you can get on with your big day!


Why You Should Act Now

The time to make sure you have the wedding insurance protection you need is before you ever need to make a claim. In other words — NOW!

Talk to our experts straightaway, for free, and without any obligation whatsoever. Compare us with other agents if you want. We’re confident you want find anyone offering such quality of service at great prices.  Let’s get things moving right NOW. Call us or click the button on this page without delay!

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