Category: Restaurant Safety

Restaurant Safety: Allergic Reactions

allergic reactions

When a patron or co-worker has a severe allergic reaction, it happens quickly and can be life-threatening. Since it is estimated that between one and two out of every 100 people is at risk for a severe allergic reaction to food or other substances, it is crucial that you take steps to avoid these dangerous […]

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Keep Limber While Serving


Over six million injuries occur in the workplace every year, and sprains, strains and tears to muscles are some of the most common injuries restaurant workers experience. Sprains and strains can result from a variety of things or from simple overuse. Protect yourself from these painful injuries by always practicing safety while serving at our […]

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Cleanliness to Prevent Foodborne Illnesses

foodborne restaurant kitchen

Foodborne illnesses, such as E. Coli and salmonella, can make patrons and employees extremely ill. These microorganisms are easily transferred to food and kitchen surfaces during storage, preparation and serving. Minimize contamination risks with these safety precautions. Personal Hygiene  Before working in the kitchen and throughout your shift, maintain proper hygiene to prevent the spread […]

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