Wineries – Coverage Insights


Due to their unique nature, wineries of all sizes are presented with an unusual blend of exposures that need to be managed. As a wine producer, you face different types of risk not normally seen together in the same industry. For example, wineries that grow their own vines have to be concerned about agricultural industry […]

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Manufacturing Risk Advisor – June 2018


How Blockchain Technology Can Improve Supply Chains Manufacturers need to rely on a consistent supply chain in order to operate. However, a lack of transparency between vendors and the use of separate management systems often leads to confusion, delays and lost business. To solve these problems, many businesses have turned to blockchain technology—a platform that […]

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Keep Limber While Serving


Over six million injuries occur in the workplace every year, and sprains, strains and tears to muscles are some of the most common injuries restaurant workers experience. Sprains and strains can result from a variety of things or from simple overuse. Protect yourself from these painful injuries by always practicing safety while serving at our […]

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Insuring Craft Breweries


In the past 30 years, the number of brewers in the United States has grown from under 100 to more than 2,400. Of these breweries currently in operation, almost 98 percent are considered regional craft brewers, microbreweries or brewpubs. With this continued trend, insurers have begun to offer more effective policies to address the unique […]

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Impact of the ACA on Workers’ Compensation


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) does not directly address workers’ compensation issues, but some aspects of the health care reform law will most likely have an impact on workers’ compensation costs and practices.  Benefits for Workers’ Compensation One of the main goals of the ACA is to provide citizens greater access to health care. Greater […]

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Quiet Vehicles and Pedestrian Safety


Quiet Vehicles Pose a Risk to Unaware Pedestrians Electric cars from Tesla, Nissan and other automakers continue to make headlines, but anyone who’s had one sneak up behind them while on foot knows how quiet they are. These vehicles, along with hybrid cars, run much more quietly than gas-powered cars and can pose a serious […]

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Cyber Attacks Endanger Commercial Control Systems

cyber attacks

More than ever before, organizations are aware of the potential financial impact of cyber attacks. Many wrongfully assume that the steep, monetary burden of a cyber attack is exclusively tied to damaged digital assets, lost records, and the price of investigating and reporting a breach. While those expenses represent a considerable hit, damage to an […]

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FLSA Amendment – Tip Regulations


FLSA Amendment Prohibits Employers from Retaining Tips, Allows Tip Pooling A 2018 spending bill enacted on March 23, 2018, amends the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to: Prohibit employers from retaining employees’ tips, regardless of whether the tip credit is used; and Eliminate prior regulations that barred tip pooling when employers pay tipped employees at […]

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Data From Facebook Accounts Exposed


Data From 87 Million Facebook Accounts Exposed Facebook recently announced that political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, obtained information from up to 87 million accounts without their users’ consent. Experts believe that collected data could include locations, interests, photos, status updates and more. Facebook applications and third-party services can normally request access to an account’s information. […]

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Bitcoin: Weighing the Risks and Benefits


Before deciding to accept bitcoin as a form of payment, companies should carefully take into account the risks and coverage options, considering that bitcoin is experimental and still in active development. Because bitcoin is a new invention, its future is unpredictable and the use of and accepting it as a form of payment should be […]

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