Author: Matthew Reppen

Why Auto Insurance?

  Auto Insurance helps protect you financially should you get in an accident or in an incident of theft. Auto Insurance has coverage for property (damage or theft), liability (your legal responsibility for injury or property damage), and medical (cost of injury, rehabilitation, wages, and even funeral costs). This insurance is individually priced so you […]

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Top Reasons for Life Insurance

Cover Lost Income: This is especially important if your family relies heavily on your income. If you were to expectantly pass away, you don’t wan’t to leave your family behind on those upcoming bills.   Pay Outstanding Debt: When you pass away, your debt still exists. If you have co-signed with someone and you pass […]

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Health Insurance: Need to Knows

Coinsurance and what it means: Most people understand some of their costs when it comes to their insurance. Deductibles and premiums are pretty straight forward. Coinsurance, however, is a little more complex. Coinsurance is the amount you pay for what you have covered after your deductible is met. This means that once you pay your […]

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