Why Auto Insurance?


Auto Insurance helps protect you financially should you get in an accident or in an incident of theft. Auto Insurance has coverage for property (damage or theft), liability (your legal responsibility for injury or property damage), and medical (cost of injury, rehabilitation, wages, and even funeral costs). This insurance is individually priced so you can get more coverage where you want it. However, if you want to cover yourself more, consider adding these to your plan. Collision- reimburses you for damage to your car in an accident for which you were at fault. Comprehensive- protects you against damage to your car from things other than a collision such as flood, hail, vandalism and other hazards. Glass Coverage- windshield damage.


Auto Insurance not only covers you, but others on your policy. This includes your own vehicle and others you drive (assuming you have their permission). This also includes others that drive your vehicle (assuming they have your permission). However, know that you are only covered under personal use, not commercial. This includes something as simple as delivering pizzas. If you want this coverage, make sure to get commercial coverage. Being a rideshare driver is not covered under personal insurance, but some companies offer additional coverage for an additional cost.


Also remember, not having auto insurance is against the law.

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