Get Cyber Insurance to Cover Imperfect Cybersecurity


As great as cyber security is, it’s not always 100% effective. Cyber breaches have been on an increase and big companies are not the only targets. Smaller companies are targeted just as much as the big companies. There are some main reasons why cyber crime is on the rise.


More Exposure:

Companies continuously write more code to make new solutions, making more opportunity for hackers to exploit. Also, with all this additional new code, this leaves all the old code more vulnerable because it’s harder to keep up with.



Catching a good hacker is very difficult. They know how to cover their tracks and avoid detection. Hackers can often work in groups and across borders. This makes it very difficult for police to find them.



It is almost impossible to prepare for a new attack that hasn’t happened. This leads to hack-solve-new hack. An increasing amount of hacking opportunities, growing financial incentive, and lack of accountability grows the hacking business every day.


These are just a few of the reasons why getting cyber insurance is so important in this time of growing cyber crimes. Call us to learn more.

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