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How Opioid Use Affects Workers’ Compensation


Prescription opioids are the number one workers’ compensation problem in terms of controlling the ultimate cost of indemnity losses. This comes from a recent Lockton Companies report that also states that there’s never been a more damaging impact on workers’ compensation claims than the abuse of opioid prescriptions for the management of chronic pain. In […]

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Impact of the ACA on Workers’ Compensation


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) does not directly address workers’ compensation issues, but some aspects of the health care reform law will most likely have an impact on workers’ compensation costs and practices.  Benefits for Workers’ Compensation One of the main goals of the ACA is to provide citizens greater access to health care. Greater […]

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When is a Workers’ Compensation Claim Compensable?


Carefully evaluating workers’ compensation claims is crucial in helping your company save money and prevent fraud. Workers’ compensation is simply a form of insurance that offers employees medical coverage in the event they are injured during a work-related function. Depending on the state of residence, it may also give compensation for disabilities sustained or cover […]

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Creating a Workers Compensation Process

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For the unprepared, workers’ compensation (WC) issues can be both confusing and costly. Fortunately for employers, there are ways to actively engage workers compensation issues to influence their outcomes. Through management controls and active involvement in the WC process, your organization can effectively influence related costs. To do so you will have to establish a […]

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