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Quiet Vehicles and Pedestrian Safety


Quiet Vehicles Pose a Risk to Unaware Pedestrians Electric cars from Tesla, Nissan and other automakers continue to make headlines, but anyone who’s had one sneak up behind them while on foot knows how quiet they are. These vehicles, along with hybrid cars, run much more quietly than gas-powered cars and can pose a serious […]

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What To Do If Your Car Is Stolen


Did You Know? Because of their value, vehicles are popular targets for criminals. In fact, on lists of global vehicle theft statistics, you’ll find that the United States consistently ranks near the top. In the event that your vehicle is stolen, you will need to react quickly in order to have a smooth insurance claims […]

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Benefits of Raising Your Limits

auto limits

Did You Know? Insurance is mandatory in order to operate a vehicle in the United States, and every state has specific coverage limits that you must meet. While meeting these minimum limits may be enough to get you on the road, they are often inadequate if you are involved in a serious accident. As such, […]

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