Market Value and Replacement Cost


If you own commercial property, choosing a property insurance policy that fits your specific needs is important. A wide variety of policy options are available at different prices that cover an assortment of reimbursement options. Although there are policies that offer a large amount of financial coverage, depending on the type of property that will […]

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Donating to Disaster Relief and Avoiding Scams


Hurricane Harvey is the strongest storm to make landfall in the United States since Hurricane Charley in 2004. News of the damage it has caused to southeastern Texas is prompting people to help in whatever ways they can. Unfortunately, there are dishonest people who prey upon people’s good intentions, creating fake charity campaigns to exploit […]

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Are You Prepared For a Flood?


Flash floods can occur within minutes or hours of excessive rainfall, a dam or levee failure, or a sudden release of water held by an ice jam. Overland flooding, the most common type of flooding event typically occurs when waterways, such as rivers or streams, overflow their banks as a result of rainwater or a […]

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The Value of Surety Bonds

surety bonds

The way project owners evaluate and manage risks on construction projects and make fiscally responsible decisions to ensure timely project completion are crucial to their success. Since private owners cannot afford to gamble on a contractor whose reliability is uncertain or who could end up bankrupt halfway through the job, surety bonds are a great […]

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Keep The Mold Out Of Your Home


Did You Know? Molds are organisms that breakdown animal matter and dead plants. Though most molds grow outdoors, they can travel inside by way of open windows and doors, air conditioning systems and on pets, clothing and shoes. Once inside your home, mold needs a moist food source, such as lint, ceiling tiles or wallpaper, […]

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Senate Rejects Efforts to Repeal the ACA


In the early morning hours of July 28, 2017, members of the U.S. Senate voted 49-51 to reject a “skinny” version of a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), called the Health Care Freedom Act (HCFA). This was the final vote of the Senate’s 20-hour debate period, and effectively ends the […]

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Cyber Traveling Tips & Avoiding Driver Distractions


Cyber Traveling Tips Staying safe while traveling involves more than simply locking your valuables in a hotel safe. Today, cyber crime is just as prevalent as conventional crime. In fact, your digital property may be more valuable to criminals than your personal property. Before packing for your next business trip, take the following precautions to […]

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Tattoo and Body Piercing Policy in the Workplace


Tattoos and body piercings are becoming increasingly common, especially among younger individuals. While exposed body art has generally been considered taboo in the professional workplace, it has become more accepted in recent years. The type and location of the body art, however, affects whether co-workers and clients even know it exists. It also affects how […]

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